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it shows that its not available for windows :( could you give me a download link?

Hi ! Like I just said to someone else, even if the Windows logo isn't displayed, the archive still is a .exe file.
That is now fixed.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cheers !

please make it for windows! :)

We already did. :D

that's awesome! thank you. stills says not available for windows tho.

Silly me, I had forgot to tick the right box to display the Windows logo.
Still, the archive is a .exe file.
Thank you for the feedback.
Have fun !

I'm using my computers default resolution on the game but It still can't show half of the numbers.

Hi Rire232,
What is your resolution ?
Normally the Unity launcher should stretch the view according to your screen.


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Its 1024x768 I'll send you a screenshot if you need it.

Yeah, I just checked it. I think the problem is not the resolution itself, but the fact you're using a display with a 4/3 ratio. I'd suggest you to switch to any 16/9 ratio resolution. The game was not designed to fit with different ratios other than the most common one.

Sorry if you can't play the game it because of that.

Let me know if that fixes your problem.

Thanks for your time though I'll try it.

make for windows look like i game i whould love to play


AMAZING GAME. So much fun from his game. I'd love to see new lines introduced into the game.

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Hi, glad that you liked it. That's a very good video you did.
It's really motivating to see that your creation actually interests someone.
Thanks for sharing your input, I really appreciate it.
I'll try to get our nose back to the grindstone on Mamazon if we have the time.
Keep up with the good stuff !